Understanding Types of
Fuel Level Sensors & their Benefits

Overview-What Are Fuel Level Sensors?

Fuel level sensors are used to monitor fuel levels in fuel tanks of various kinds of vehicles, locomotives, ships, vessels etc. It can also be used to monitor the fuel of static heavy equipment’s such as generators and fuel station tanks. Soaring fuel prices are forcing fleet owners and asset managers to adopt fuel monitoring solutions that will help reduce fuel-related costs.

Fuel level sensors, along with IoT tracking & monitoring solutions, help extract information such as:

How Fuel Level Sensors Work?

Fuel Level sensors are mounted onto the fuel tanks of vehicles/machines whose fuel consumption is to be monitored. They are placed in such a way that the axis of its sensitive element is as close as possible to the geometric center of the tank. The sensor is then calibrated according to the tank size. Once the setup is completed and connected to the monitoring system, the transfer of information to the software / application platform begins.

The platform further analyses the information received and sends the information in visual format to the user, notifying him/her about the changes in fuel level in the tank which can be visualized from his laptop or mobile in visual forms.

*The fuel monitoring system works in an organized form without affecting the performance of the vehicle/machine.

Applications of Fuel Level Sensors

Fuel level sensors can be used across wide range of use case to monitor the consumption pattern of fuel and prevent fuel wastage and theft.

Fuel Sensors

Gps tracker with Fuel Sensor

RS: 29,999/- one time
  • Fuel level in the tank
  • Fuel consumption over time
  • Fuel refill/drain status
  • Identify fuel theft/pilferage
  • Live Tracking
  • Safe Mode Anti-Theft
  • 100 days Video Playback
  • Double Sim Tracker
  • Travel History
  • Geo fence

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